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Minimual withdrawals for perfect money
Minimum withdrawals for perfect money set to $1.
Because we saw some investors have balance less
Than $5.
Please withdraw your nalance if its the case. Enjoy!
Jul-15-2017 04:17:36 AM
New members:
PerfectMoney- Minimum Auto-withdrwals amount $5.
Bitcoins - Minimum Auto-withdrawals amount $10.
Enjoy your profits!

Jul-13-2017 09:07:40 PM
Proud to Launch Algocoins trading bots to members
After successfully running the Algocoins trading bots for 3 years, and consistent profits been made during that period, we are proud to announce that our we are now letting members to join our high frequency trading programs.

It was easy for new member to join. Just sign up and make deposit through PerfectMoney and bitcoins. Our trading bot will work for you in millisecond trades, thousands of trades be made to Bitcoins Exchanges in just seconds to exploit winning patters.

Join us and enjoy your journey to rich!
Jul-12-2017 10:05:04 AM
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